Are you at end-of-life with your IBM Peripherals?

It’s as easy as A.B.C.  We have a simple 3-step approach: 

  • Assess the upcoming mainframe peripheral-related problem
  • Build a future-proof solution to maintain IBM compatibility
  • Control the cost for a same-or-better implementation

Upgrade or replace your Mainframe storage.  Act now, and receive 1 additional year of onsite 24x7x4 maintenance and support included!

The Visara Guarantee

Visara will not only provide maintenance support for all of our products for 10 years from the date of purchase, but Visara will provide an upgrade path to newer technology and features for that 10 year period. With Visara, your investment is never obsolete.

Designed for IBM:

Our Products

Visara Products are designed to seamlessly connect with, and integrate with IBM mainframe solutions

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Mainframe Innovation Starts Here

Over the years, Visara has consistently assisted customers with maximizing value in their legacy equipment investments. We have also kept pace with industry trends by offering innovative network integration solutions when required by our customers