Are you at end-of-life with your IBM Peripherals?

It’s as easy as A.B.C.  We have a simple 3-step approach: 

  • Assess the upcoming mainframe peripheral-related problem
  • Build a future-proof solution to maintain IBM compatibility
  • Control the cost for a same-or-better implementation


IBM Peripherals

Conventional and customized Enterprise datacenter solutions for over 35 years

We provide affordable, technically stable solutions for Fortune 1000 companies worldwide

Over 2.5 mm devices sold worldwide

Visara is considered among the leading designers and manufacturers of information solutions.

Enhanced security, maintenance, management and secure data at rest and in motion.

New and innovative solutions for the mainframe datacenter environment.

VISARA Products

Technically Stable Solutions



  • Vi-5990A Virtual Tape Appliance
  • Vi-5990L Virtual Tape Library
  • VI-8810A DASD Appliance
  • VI-8820L DASD Library
  • Vi-7755 Mainframe Storage Array
Console Devices

Console Devices

  • CCA-3074 Console Concentrator
  • MCC Master Console Management
  • 500-LXP Thin Client Console
Disaster Recovery Solutions

Disaster Recovery Solutions

  • National Network of Interconnected DR sites for extended reliability and access
    1. Visara and IBM peripherals at each site for reduced cost and flexibility
    2. Compatible with all OS and Z processors.

"Because of U.S. Army regulations and protocols, we were unable to utilize any third-party D/R solutions, since the Army will not allow any outside entity to be connected to its network. Visara’s solutions allowed us to devise a plan to accomplish the long-needed D/R requirements."

U.S. Army

"Our Visara solutions have worked very well. We automated 100% of our mainframe tape operations. We isolated our test environments. We improved our batch performance times. We improved backup performance. We improved our DR RTO times. And, we cut costs. A win-win all the way around"

Disaster Recovery Services Provider – CEO

"We upgraded our original 3rd party VTL solution with Visara VI-5990A Virtual Tape Appliances. The transition was smooth and moving data between old and new was simple and efficient with Visara supplied utilities. We immediately noticed a 30% reduction in backup times and replication via a secure encrypted link between production and DR sites is efficient and simple. "

Credit Union Processing Company

"Utilizing the Visara solutions has enabled us to leap forward in our efforts towards modernization and throughput improvement, as well as simplifying our capability to provide an acceptable D/R site. Working with the Visara team has been a wonderfully satisfying experience, and they have been extremely helpful in providing the support and enhancements that our mutual relationship has encountered."

US Army

Satisfaction Guaranteed

24/7 Award Winning Support

We are a world-class service organization that provides exceptional warranty and maintenance programs and comprehensive technical support.

Over 2.5mm Devices Sold

Visara is considered among the leading designers and manufacturers of information solutions and systems.  Our Storage and Console Management  Products are enterprise class in terms of reliability, performance and functionality.

Mainframe Innovation Starts Here

Over the years, Visara has consistently assisted customers with maximizing value in their legacy equipment investments. We have also kept pace with industry trends by offering innovative network integration solutions when required by our customers.

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