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Most senior leaders in the enterprise are looking for rock-solid performance, while mitigating risk for their enterprise-class systems. They struggle with end-of-life on their IBM mainframe peripherals with a looming end-of-lease deadline.  

At Visara, we’ve been there, and have seen these challenges for over 40 years.  We’ve serviced organizations from the Fortune 100 on down. 

We have a simple 3-step “ABC” approach, to Assess the upcoming mainframe related problem, Build a future-proof solution to maintain IBM at the core, and Control the cost for a same-or-better implementation.   

Simple, cost-effective mainframe peripheral solutions.

Our Company

Headquartered near the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, Avenir Technologies, Inc. is a privately held company doing business as Visara International, providing mainframe and midrange system products, network integration, and advanced services offerings.

Our Vision

Today’s data center market has taken an interesting twist by returning to its centralized origins. By keeping its finger on the pulse of the market and introducing products such as the Vi-5990(VTL), Vi-8810 (DASD), Master Console Center (MCC)MCC and the CCA3074, Visara has focused on those companies that either are caught in product end-of-life or require a cost effective migration path to newer technologies.

Our Story

About Visara International

Visara International has been creating conventional and customized Enterprise datacenter solutions for over 40 years. Visara prides itself on providing affordable, technically stable solutions for Fortune 1000 companies worldwide. Our vision is clear, our products are leading-edge and our commitment is to our customers. With over 2.5 million devices sold worldwide, Visara is considered among the leading designers and manufacturers of information solutions and systems.

Over the years, Visara has assisted customers with maximizing value in their equipment investments. We have also kept pace with industry trends by offering innovative solutions when required by our customers.


About Our Products

Visara has focused our efforts and solutions on those companies that either are faced with the dilemma of end-of-life products and/or require a cost-effective migration path to newer technologies. By keeping our finger on the pulse of the market, Visara has introduced new and innovative products for the mainframe data center environment. These products include storage (DASD and Virtual Tape), Console Consolidation and Automation, as well as communications servers and displays. To facilitate this transition, Visara provides products such as the VI-8820L DASD, The VI-5990VTL and the CCA-3074 / Master Console Center for Datacenter Automation.

This portfolio of plug compatible and systems management solutions are focused around data center  requirements and with Visara’s experience and knowledge, assist companies with:

– Seamless migration of existing “big-iron” hardware components to more cost effective and reliable solutions.

– Enhanced security through centralized maintenance and management

– Ways to control cost of operations through hardware consolidation

"Our vision is clear, our products are leading-edge and our commitment is to our customers"

Dr. Ken Bloom – President & CEO

"We're committed to our customers success, and put quality above all."

Deborah Richman – CFO

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