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Visara Products are designed to seamlessly connect with, and integrate with IBM mainframe solutions

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Mainframe Data Centers

Mainframe Data Centers

Visara products will seamlessly integrate with IBM Mainframes

Cost Effective Solution

Cost effective

Visara solutions will reduce the operating costs in a datacenter.

Scaleable Accessories


Visara accessories can be implemented in a variety of ways.

Visara Storage Systems

Visara offers both Direct Access Storage Device (DASD) and Virtual Tape Libraries (VTL).  Both of these product lines are fully compatible with all IBM Mainframes and Operating systems. Both products connect via FICON channel interfaces at speed of up to 16Gb, Raid 6 storage arrays and are tier 4 data center products.  The DASD products offer Flashcopy, Global Mirror, Encryption at Rest, and full flash memory.  The VTL products are compatible with all tape managers and provide encryption, compression at rest, and secure replication.

Download the Vi8820L Mainframe DASD Datasheet
Download the Vi-8810A Mainframe DASD Datasheet
Download the Vi-5990A Virtual Tape Appliance Datasheet
Download the Vi-5990L Virtual Tape Appliance Datasheet
Download the VI-7755 Mainframe Storage Array Datasheet

View the Visara Storage Frequently Asked Questions here

Storage System Case Studies

United States Armed Forces: download here

An Outsourced Provider: download here

A US-based University: download here

Credit Union: download here

Console Consolidation for Mainframe

The Visara CCA-3074 solution was created to provide the data center long-term reliable connectivity options, prudent asset management of existing equipment, reduced floor space requirements and secure remote access to meet a wide variety of host environments. With the integration of the MCC it provides a single platform appliance for local and remote data center management and automation.

Click here to download the CCA-3074 Datasheet

View the CCA-3074 Frequently Asked Questions here

Download a case study of how a Global Energy Provider utilizes the CCA-3074 here

MCC Console Automation and Management for Mainframe and Midrange

The MCC (Master Console Center) is an enterprise wide system capable of consolidating all of your data center’s platform consoles (including mainframe, midrange, client server and other systems) into a single screen, common display, event driven monitoring, control and automation tool.

Download the MCC Console Management Datasheet

View the Visara MCC Frequently Asked Questions here

Thin Client Console

The 500-LXP provides direct, simple and seamless access to legacy mainframe and midrange hosts. When used with the CCA 3074 it provides secure communications for remote data Center Access.

Download the 500-LXP Console Solution Datasheet

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Visara and ProZglobal have teamed up to provide nationwide Disaster Recovery services.  With multiple locations within the contiguous US, we offer the most comprehensive disaster recovery solutions available for mainframe disaster recovery. Each site has both Visara and IBM equipment available to provide exceptional service at an exceptional price.  Whether you need tape recovery or disk mirroring we design a custom solution to meet your mainframe platform recovery requirements. Our clients enjoy peace of mind when it comes to their mainframe recovery solution because we have a 100% successful testing track record.

Click here to learn more about Disaster Recovery Solutions

Designed for Quality

Designed for quality

Enterprise Class

Enterprise class

Global Customers

Global customers

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24/7 Award Winning Support

Visara’s 24/7 support allows users to speak directly with support engineers to resolve configuration or installation issues.  Prior to product shipment, Visara’s support team works directly with our customers to insure that all mainframe configuration is complete and equipment is actually preconfigured prior to shipment to insure a smooth and quick installation.

The Visara Guarantee

Visara will not only provide maintenance support for all of our products for 10 years from the date of purchase, but Visara will provide an upgrade path to newer technology and features for that 10 year period. With Visara, your investment is never obsolete.

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