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Visara / ProZglobal offers comprehensive disaster recovery solutions. Whether you need tape recovery or disk mirroring we design a custom solution to meet your mainframe platform recovery requirements. Our clients enjoy peace of mind when it comes to their mainframe recovery solution because we have a 100% successful testing track record.  

Visara Disaster Recovery

Questions we ask

Critical D.R. Questions

How long can you afford to be down?

We live in a 24/7/365 always-on world and as such, businesses can not afford extended downtime.  Our solutions are customized to meet your recovery time objective and your recovery point objective all targeted at minimizing the downtime of the mainframe platform.

How secure is your data?

Never before has data security been more critical to businesses.  The new global landscape is one where the threat is just as much digital as it is physical.  Your disaster recovery solution should have the same security posture as the production environment.  We can meet your needs to secure your data at rest and in transit delivering secure disaster recovery.

Where will you recover?

This year has taught us all a lot about the nature of threats to our “normal” way of doing business.  Whether the threat is localized or widespread, we have a solution that will meet your needs.  We have data center locations throughout the USA to design a solution with the geodiversity you need.

Can you really recover?

Testing is the key to successful disaster recovery.  There are no additional fees for testing with Visara / ProZglobal base package that includes 1 disaster recovery test per year.  Visara / ProZglobal offers more than just mainframe system recovery. We provide decades of expertise to support your continuity requirements. So, whether it is a test or a real disaster, you can count on the Visara / ProZglobal team to do whatever it takes to ensure success!

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