CCA-3074 FAQ’s

Does the CCA-3074 support SNA over ESCON or FICON?

No. The CCA-3074 is dedicated to supporting Non-SNA communications over ESCON and FICON. If SNA communications is required, you may use the CNA-8000 product instead. The CNA-8000 is capable of supporting SNA communications over ESCON and FICON.

Can you attach coax terminals to the CCA-3074?

The CCA-3074 does not support coax ports directly. You can support coax terminals, printers, and LMU connections through use of the external CSS32 Coax Subsystem.

Is there any way to remotely manage the CCA-3074?

Yes. CCA-3074 management is through a browser interface. The biggest concern for remote management is probably security. The CCA-3074 browser is a secure connection making use of https (SSL encryption) between the workstation running the browser session and the CCA-3074.

Does the CCA-3074 support Secure Socket Layer communication over the network?

Yes. You can configure the CCA-3074 to communicate SSL encryption directly to the remote client desktops.

Does the CCA-3074 support Bus and Tag connections?


Can you attach StorageTek Silos to the CCA-3074?

The LMU (Library Management Unit) used to manage the Silos will attach to the external CSS32 Coax Subsystem using coax connections.

Does the CCA-3074 support VPNs?

No, not directly. You can use external products to provide the Virtual Private Network security. However, SSL encryption is supported directly, which provides encryption from the user desktop to the CCA-3074. The question becomes do you really need a VPN connection. In most cases you probably do not.

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