Visara Master Console Center (MCC)

What is MCC?

MCC is a Linux program providing remote access, automation, and
monitoring/alerting via a consolidated screen of consoles to a disparate
variety of operating systems.  A wide range of configurations and auxiliary
connection support devices are possible (e.g. Visara AS400 and mainframe

How is MCC different from just connecting to each system with any other tool?

MCC provides additional security via secure IDs and tracking/auditing of
console activity.  MCC provides access to various consoles with a simple
click of a button from a Console Selection Window or from any generated alert
back to the alert’s source.  Access is nearly instantaneous as every
connection is always on.  It is capable of hundreds of connections to every
server in your organization including mainframes (e.g. MVS), midrange
(e.g. AS400), PCs and more.  It also provides additional features like
automation, and monitoring/alerting of those consoles.  One simple interface
allows operations to use tens of different console types from a single

How does MCC provide alerts?

MCC has a built in Alert Window that displays alerts from the
systems. Automated actions can be taken upon the arrival of the alerts such
as typing a reply on the console, launching a script providing more detailed
automated actions, sending an email or an SNMP trap, or forwarding to a third
party application using their client.  All alert activity is time stamped and
logged and the history is available for later review.

How do I access the MCC?

You can use a CLI menu, an X-client, or a web browser. Each providing varying
degrees of abilities.  Although the various access methods are different, the
interface is the same and it is easy to transition between a command line
interaction, a graphical interaction and a web interaction.


MCCSTARS is an optional additional lightweight z/OS client providing a more
comprehensive ability to monitor and alert on messages from a mainframe.
This facility provides is a very simple way to automate operations based on
messages available to operators.

To what consoles can I connect?

MCC can provide a console to a z/OS terminal, VTAM, TSO session, VSE, z/VM,
Open system (Linux, Sun, HP, etc.), AS400 console, and some routers, switches
and other network devices.  MCC provides emulations of 3278, 3279, 5250,
3151, HP700, VT100, VT220 and more.

How is MCC licensed?

MCC is licensed by the number of concurrent users, and the number of
consoles.  Customers can start with just a single MCC server and a few
connections and then grow to multiple data centers, disaster recovery and
backup sites over the entire corporation.  It is very easy to reconfigure as
the corporation changes so feel free to shrink when an operation is sold or
grow when one is bought.

Is MCC secure?

MCC is capable of working within the corporate security structure.  MCC
connections are simply the same as any operations connection.  Each type of
access can be individually authorized by group or individual (e.g. logon, alert,
mail, view-only, change, …) and the amount of logging can be controlled
from major action down to individual keystroke.  The level of security can be
chosen and easily modified by the key staff.

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