Visara Storage

Are Visara Storage products compatible with all IBM OS?

Yes, Visara Storage products are compatible with all IBM OS and all IBM mainframes.

How are Visara Storage products accessed and configured?

Visara Storage products are configured and monitored via a browser interface that can be accessed via a network connection or direct connection.  When accessed via the network it is a secure HTTPS connection supporting TLS v1.2.

What tape managers does the VI-5990 VTL support?

The VI-5990 supports all tape managers including RMM, Epic, CA-1, Dynam-T.

What tape drives does the VI-5990 Emulate?

The VI-5990 emulates both 3480 and 3590 tape drives.

Does the VI-88X0 DASD support encryption?

The VI-88X0 DASD supports encryption at rest. Encryption is carried out in real time utilizing self encrypting Solid State Drives.

What types of Storage does the VI-88X0 support?

The VI- 88X0 supports both SSD and Flash Memory (Nvme) storage.  SSD operates ad 6Gb /sec while Nvme operates at 32Gb /sec.

Does the VI-88X0 support PAV?

Yes the VI-88X0 supports PAV

Do Visara Storage Products support Escon Channels?

No, Visara Storage Products only support FICON Channels.  Each device can support up to 4 channels that can operate at up to 16Gb.

When replicating data to remote sites is it done securely?

Yes, all Visara Storage products utilize SSH connections when communicating remotely.

Does the VI-5990 support compression and encryption?

The VI-5990 supports both compression and encryption at rest.

How many virtual tape drives can the VI-5990 emulate?

The VI-5990 can emulate up to 256 virtual drives.  The standard unit is set up for 32 virtual drives.

What types of replication does the VI-88X0 support?

The VI-88X0 supports both Global Mirror (Asynchronous) replication and scheduled replication.  All replication is secured utilizing SSH encryption.  The Global mirror keep the remote site synchronized within seconds of the primary site.

Does the VI-88X0 support Flash Copy?

The VI-88X0 supports flash copy.

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