Authorized Service Providers

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Visara offers its Approved Service Provider program to companies whose business involves the support and maintenance of Visara, MTX and Memorex Telex products.

If you have any questions, feel free to call (919) 882-0205.

•Must be willing to service all Visara, MTX and Memorex Telex legacy and network product lines.
•Qualify for a $30,000 (USD) credit line with Visara with net 30 day terms.
•Must have at least one technician at each branch location that is A+ certified (or three technicians at a depot location if repairs are performed there).
•Visara-trained personnel at every branch location, trained on the products that the local branch supports. This training must be completed prior to ASP certification.
•Maintain a spares inventory adequate to support the customer base.
•Only field service personnel that have been trained on Visara, MTX and Memorex Telex products may be used in servicing those products. Violation of this requirement will result in revocation of ASP certification.
•Abide by the terms of the ASP agreement

•Visara reserves the right to review your company’s training records at any time to verify that the terms of the ASP agreement are being adhered to.
•Visara may, at its discretion, waive certain requirements based upon an applicant’s prior experience and capabilities.

Benefits of ASP Certification
•Authorization to purchase spare parts.
•Access to Visara hardware level information.
•Access to Visara online manuals (via the Internet).
•Access to engineering change documentation.
•Access to engineering upgrades and product revision information.
•Access to detailed Visara product information, such as controller configurations, etc.
•Access to current and past product release level codes.
•Consideration by Visara for warranty and maintenance service for Visara customer accounts.
•Access to Company AVL list.
•The ability to escalate problems requiring Visara Support Engineering involvement.

Note: Under some conditions, a charge for engineering support may be levied. 

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